Why Does The NHL Fear Richard Peddie

So, Jim Balsillie wants to depose a whole host of NHL executives. Gary Bettman, Bill Daily, Jeremy Jacobs, Craig Leopold and Richard Peddie. Yes, the head hauncho of our Toronto Maple Leafs. Why depose him? Well, Balsillie wants to know what role if any the Leafs have had in the leagues rejection of Balsillie as an owner. In legal terms Balsillie is looking to set the anti-trust table. If the Leafs are simply against another team in the marketplace due to competition the courts may have something to say about it.

The league has responded favorably to all the requests. Well, almost all the requests. They objected to one; Richard Peddie’s. One had to wonder why. I mean Peddie is smooth, he is bright, and I would imagine he would make a good witness. Why object to him? It’s a fascinating question as the Coyotes situation unfolds. What does the NHL fear in Richard Peddie. No matter the underlying reason, you don’t object to a request for one person unless there is a damn good and specific reason. No matter what they say in their league argument, no matter what the talking heads offer up, believe this, the league is scared to death about something. What it is…smarter minds will tell us.

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August 13, 2009 6:37 am

Balsillie has no antitrust case according to the June 15 ruling bu the judge. They’re trying to create one.

Peddie hasn’t said a peep about the case. He isn’t on the NHL BoG executive committee that reviewed Balsillie’s application. He didn’t interview Balsillie about that application. He didn’t attend the BoG meeting to review that application. And he abstained from voting on that application.

For Balsillie to try to depose him about the NHL BoG not approving his application as a prospective owner is an antitrust fishing expedition but pretty tough to justify in light of how Peddie has wisely distanced himself from the proceedings.

Relocation wasn’t an issue nor discussed in those meetings so Balsillie can’t go there as the examination is limited to why the NHL didn’t approve of his application as a prospective owner. Balsillie’s application for relocation will be considered at a later date if he lasts that long in this case.

Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
August 13, 2009 1:14 pm

Anyone else getting a little fed-up with this Ballsillie dude. If you want a team that bad, make nice and play by the rules of the rest of the group. Otherwise fuck off and go buy the Blue Jays..

Jay Martin
Jay Martin
August 13, 2009 2:02 pm

I for one am fed up with Bettman. Balsillie is trying to expose the Leaf territrial monopoly over Southern Ontario – if this population can support another team why not let them. This is about Leaf money and nothing more. Canadians should support a good ole boy like Jim – rich and brash enough to fight the big boys – if he was American, they would put him on a pedestal – instead many of us vilify the guy. Right is right – how many people have to live in S. Ontario before they give us a real hockey team. All of this character crap is a smokescreen for impeding competition – go get them Jim!

August 14, 2009 12:49 pm

Balsillie used Canadians,and now he is using Leaf fans for his own greed……”hey everybody,the NHL is standing in the way of our beloved Canada getting a team,now go be good proud Canadians and protest,so I can get the team at half its value,and then charge you huge sums of money and get even more rich than I already am!…….and remember,this is all about you 😉

August 14, 2009 3:23 pm

Balsillie can only blame himself for being so impatient and unilling to play fair. He figures because he’s rich he can buy any team he wants and mobe them to wherever he pleases. Mario Lemieux threw that idiot out after it was quite clear Balsillie had no interest in trying ti improve the Pittsburgh Market and instead wanted to relocate.

The funniest thing about Ballsillie is that he could have already had a team in Hamilton. He could have bought the Predators, been patient a few years and show the nhl it’s not working in Nashville and would have been granted reolcation. He could have also bought Phoenix, taken a loss this year and reolcate next season. No instead he tries to bully his way in by making offers based on his terms only.

GO away Ballsille please you arrogant jerk.

September 8, 2009 10:58 pm

NHL is just being smart. Why let some outsider cash in on the Arizona franchise. NHL will buy it and sell it when the time and situation is right. It’s pretty obvious. Not sure what all the controversy is all about.

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