Why Does The NHL Fear Richard Peddie

So, Jim Balsillie wants to depose a whole host of NHL executives. Gary Bettman, Bill Daily, Jeremy Jacobs, Craig Leopold and Richard Peddie. Yes, the head hauncho of our Toronto Maple Leafs. Why depose him? Well, Balsillie wants to know what role if any the Leafs have had in the leagues rejection of Balsillie as an owner. In legal terms Balsillie is looking to set the anti-trust table. If the Leafs are simply against another team in the marketplace due to competition the courts may have something to say about it.

The league has responded favorably to all the requests. Well, almost all the requests. They objected to one; Richard Peddie’s. One had to wonder why. I mean Peddie is smooth, he is bright, and I would imagine he would make a good witness. Why object to him? It’s a fascinating question as the Coyotes situation unfolds. What does the NHL fear in Richard Peddie. No matter the underlying reason, you don’t object to a request for one person unless there is a damn good and specific reason. No matter what they say in their league argument, no matter what the talking heads offer up, believe this, the league is scared to death about something. What it is…smarter minds will tell us.

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