There are losses, then there’s this…

One of my favourite columns of all time is ESPN’s Bill Simmons describing the “levels of losing”. Some losses are the dead man walking, where you just know you’re team isn’t going to hang on, others earn the this can’t be happening moniker, and so on. While we’ll agree that Friday night’s 36-28 loss for the Argos at the hands of the BC Lions isn’t in the same league as, say, the Buckner game, it’s nevertheless a kick to the stomach with a steel-toed boot.

Toronto took the lead in the opening minutes, and never trailed…until there were eight seconds on the clock. It’s not just the fact of the loss itself that will be a tough pill for Bart Andrus & Co. to swallow, but there are many reasons why some Argos will have a hard time sleeping.

– Cody Pickett played very well. He completed 25 of 40 passes, and eclipsed the 300 yard passing plateau for the first time in his CFL career. He threw a touchdown pass and didn’t turn the ball over. Impressive numbers, but he still lost. While there should be little doubt Pickett should start the Argos next game, one must wonder how it will weigh on his confidence.

– Speaking of the Argos’ next game, it’s a full fortnight after the BC game. Their bye week couldn’t come at a worse time. It’s kind of like a golfer who four-putts for double-bogey, and then has to leave the course due to a weather warning. As a competitor, you want to get back to playing as soon as possible and not give the disaster enough time to sink into your mind. Oh, did I mention that game will be against Calgary?

– Though BC showed flashes of brilliance in the fourth quarter, I still think they’re a distant fourth in the West. However, with Toronto and Winnipeg struggling to open the season, the Lions could very well cross-over into the East playoffs. Should the final playoff spot come down to any tie-breakers, the Argos wouldn’t want a game like this to carry extra importance.

– Toronto’s two previous home field losses were not the kind that Argo fans would like to associate themselves with. A win on Friday would have finally given them one at home, and would have helped bring the fans back into the dome, but now you can’t really question anyone’s reluctance to head down to Front and Blue Jay Way. I talked to a season ticket holder before the game, and the look on his face said it all.

**I’d like to apologize for the absence of the TSM Twitter feed during the game. The Argos did not have a press pass for us this week. But never fear, we’ll be back and stronger than ever in two weeks.**

-Marc Tessier

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