Dark Day In Toronto Sports Media

Heading home last night was painful, first I had to get north to get close to the highways, then I had to get north on the 400 to get to Barrie. In any event, I was stuck in the car for far too long. The most painful part was the offerings from our 2 local radio programs during the 5-7 shifts. On both the Fan 590 and 640 Toronto the regular hosts, Bob Mccown and Greg Brady/Bill Watters were on holiday respectively. Both stations had subs. Rob Faulds was paired with Jim Kelley on the Fan and Bill Hayes was on 640 flying solo. It was, in my opinion anyway the worst night of radio I have ever heard in this market place. I fully realize that it is the dog days of summer and in this city there just isn’t a ton to talk about. However, if you are going to be on the air, there should be some degree of quality and tonight on both stations it was waning.

On the Fan, the segment with Don Banks on the NFL and Brett Farvre was beyond painful to listen to. I am a huge NFL fan, I love listening to the various guests talking shop and neither Faulds nor Kelley could get Banks to deliver his usually stellar analysis. The rest of the show was downhill from there.

Over at 640 Hayes had Bryan Colangelo on, and it’s hard to believe with all that has gone on with the Raptors that Hayes couldn’t deliver anything worthwhile to listen to. BC is usually a great interview, he sounded awful. Then Hayes had a VERY long monologue around 620 that was simply un-listenable. Then Ken Holland came on (after what seemed like an eternity) and it was easily one of the worst interviews I have ever heard Holland give.

Perhaps the stations should work together to ensure that we never have to suffer double dose vacations at the same time!! Tonight was brutal (And no, I don’t think the stations would or should actually do that!)

I am dreading tomorrow’s drive already!


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