Maple Leafs Should Sign Chris Chelios….

So Chris Chelios asked US Olympic/Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson if the Leafs had any interest in his services. I know how old he is, I know how little he played last year and I know that every time he steps on the ice he is taking time away from a kid. However, there are a couple of intangibles that need to be considered and one MAJOR one too. Consider if you will:

1. Chelios is the type of leader that a guy like Luke Schenn could learn from. I don’t care if he only dresses in games that fall during those months that don’t contain the letter R in them, having a guy like Chelios in the room will be a huge help to all the young kids. Last year, for a stretch Schenn, I believe roomed with Brad May. Chelios would be a great mentor for Schenn and all the other younger guys.

2. He would be the Reggie Dunlop of Big Blue and could morph into a Joe Nieuendyk. He is a smart enough guy with lots of passion for the game.

3. Having him here will keep Paul Kelley under wraps. Seriously, ask enough people who got the email snooper fired and they will tell you it was Chris Chelios. If we want Glen Healey silenced, having a guy like Chelios in town will be a big help. When Chelios speaks people listen.

4. He gives a ton of his time to charity and special programs. Burke wants to instill this as a must with Big Blue, no one is better at leading the way then Chris Chelios.

Now, the most important reason, and the one pre-requisite to him joining Big Blue, He must open a Cheli’s Chili Bar somewhere near the ACC. There simply aren’t that many good places to eat before or after a game and Cheli’s Chili Bar happens to be a good spot. Toronto can always use good little places to eat and we are simply missing a spot like this.

So, if he will come cheap, and why wouldn’t he and he understands his role AND we get a Cheli’s Chili Bar I am fully in favour.



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