No More Free Agents For Maple Leafs

Brian Burke was on the morning show on the Fan 590 this am. Yes, despite last nights performance I went back this am. Burke was at his best, to say the least:

He was asked a few questions about the US camp, most notable answer was that no positions (ie starting goalie) will be determined at this camp, it is purely for team building purposes. Furthermore he said that the anti-doping process for players invited to this camp and the 40 others who will be considered is strict, every day from now until the Olympics they have to provide a 1 hour window each and every day where they will be available for a random drug test. So from now until the games each player has to log into a computer and say, every day where they can be found for 1 hour each day. (I wonder if the back seat of a cab in Buffalo works?)

When they got around to issues of the Maple Leafs, Burke was asked if he had interest in a player like Alex Tanguay who has been waiting for a deal all summer and may be forced to take less money. Burke’s response:


This was followed by a little bit of an awkward silence.

Burke was then asked if he would consider other free agents who are still available and may have to take less money as the season gets closer. Burke’s response:


After some more silence Burke expanded:

“Alex Tanguay is a good hockey player, but right now we have depth at defence. Yes we have cap space, but our next play will be to trade some of that depth for a forward. That trade will likely involve having to take on extra salary. That is how we will use our cap space, not by adding more free agents.”

So there you have it. No reason to mention team Maple Leaf(is that better than Big Blue?) until camp begins. By all accounts Burke is planning on dealing someone or someones from the blueline for a more expensive forward. Other than that, it’s what you see is what you get.



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