Maple Leafs Destined To Fail

Do you remember when Howard Berger predicted that the Maple Leafs would finish dead last just prior to last season? Well, we all know how well that prediction turned out. The bad news is that Nostradamus Berger is at it again. In his latest blog, I don’t want watch hockey on tv Berger opines that the Maple Leafs have legitimate “hope”.

Insert expletives here.

If NostraBerger says there is hope, we are screwed. We may as well not even watch. Seriously, I may stop paying any attention right now. Berger is a curse. It says here that the Leafs won’t anything until he admits that he still sleeps with a Maple Leaf duvet, he has a photo of Daryl Sittler in his bedroom and his wife sometimes wakes him in the middle of the night because he is chanting go leafs go in his sleep.

His arguments in his blog are all about the legitimacy of Burke and that scares the hell out of me. I mean that is why I believe in the Leafs again. If Berger is saying it’s okay to believe in them because of Burke, well then it has to be wrong. I mean, he still wears argyle sweaters, even Ned Flanders has given those up.

I am so depressed after reading his blog….



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August 21, 2009 3:28 am

Berger is erratic at best,and not my 1st choice of someone to be stuck in an elevator with, but many of us chose(or hoped) last overall last year.I actually thought Howie was pretty accurate in this recent blog,Burke does provide a rare air of confidance that a plan is finally in place.

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