Raptors Colangelo About To Make ANOTHER Trade?

Word on the street is that the old TV game show, Let’s Make A Deal is making a comeback. Instead of whomever is going to host, I nominate Toronto Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo!

Who the hell knows if they will be any better, but I can guarantee that the Toronto Raptors will sell a lot of programs on opening night as many of the faithful will need a program to know who the hell plays for the Raptors. Seriously, has there ever been this much turn over on a non-expansion team? Doug Smith who has clearly become THE Raptor insider in this town has it that Bryan Colangelo is about to send Marcus Banks to the Dallas Mavericks for Matt Carroll. Caroll has term left on his deal, $4.7 this year, $4.3 next, 3.9 in 2011-12 and $3.5m in his final year.

DL is hunkered down at the Roger’s Cup offered this via blackberry messenger:

“On first thought it’s brutal. Both suck, both are overpaid. Carroll has 2 extra years. I suppose Colangelo thinks he is an upgrade, but the difference is too small to matter. Next season Banks will be a $4.75m expiring contract which is really valuable with the cap shrinking. You can’t go over the cap to sign other players, but you can trade expiring contracts for a guy with a longer contract and keep salary.”

With tennis balls flying through around his head, DL has admitted that he may be missing something in this deal because it makes little sense.

The Doug Smith rumoured Marcus Banks trade for Dallas Mavericks Matt Carroll article can be found here.

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