Not Interested In Olympic Hockey

So, I have a question for you all, two actually, am I the onlyperson around who couldn’t care less about the Olympic hockey camps? Also am I in- Canadian in being so apathetic?

I have to admit, I haven’t found any of the Olympic stories the least bit compelling. Who was selected to go to a rah rah camp…… Yawn. Who said what at the camp….yawn. Don’t get me started on the jersey story.

It’s not that the olympics or NHL at the olympics doesn’t interest me, they do. I guess the fact that the games are in March and we are in August has a lot to do with it.

To me it’s like the day the schedule comes out, or thinking about what number a guy may wear on a new team. Irrelevant fodder that doesn’t interest me in the least.

Am I alone, am I a bad canadian??? I found the CBC’S coverage of the jerseys totally embarasing. How could that be thelead storyon the national news network?

Finally, mrs TSM and the kids are away for the week. What’s a guy to do in Toronto with no wife and no kids????


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