Nick Collison Phone Call- Great Sports Radio

I am pretty sure this hasn’t been covered much up here. Ask yourselves this sports fans, name the last time an athlete called in a sports radio station to defend himself? I don’t know the last time it has ever happened in this marketplace. I know that Paul Godrey called Mccown’s show a few times to defend the Blue Jays, and I do remember Damien Cox calling Greg Brady after Brady took exception with the headline in Cox’s article. What happens in this clip just doesn’t happen all that often:

Here is some background on the call:

“Former Kansas University basketball standout Nick Collison is embroiled in a silly, head-scratching controversy in Oklahoma City — home of Collison’s Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team.

OKC “Sports Animal” radio talk show host Jim Traber recently took exception to a handful of Collison’s “tweets” on the Internet Web site Twitter.

In 140 characters or less, Nick the past month or so has commented on how hot the weather is in Oklahoma City … and how cool it is in Seattle.

Power forward Collison played for the Seattle SuperSonics for five seasons before the team moved to Red Clay Country last year. He still lives in Seattle in the offseason with his wife, Robbie, and daughter, Emma.

Anyhow … former Baltimore Orioles first baseman Traber of station WWLS last week admitted he has been trying to run Collison out of town because of his “tweets,” which were first brought to light by Daily Oklahoman columnist Jenny Carlson.

Collison — who happens to be one of the nicest, nonconfrontational guys you’d ever want to meet — made an unsolicited call to the Oklahoma talk show last week.”


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