TSM Game of the Night

College of Sports Media Game of the Night:

This one has been two years in the making, but finally tonight Michael Vick will make his return to the NFL as his new team the Philadelphia Eagles host the Jacksonville Jaguars in preseason action tonight. I know it’s only preseason, but this is big. For anyone that has lived under a rock for the last couple for years Vick has been in prison serving a two year sentence for his involvement in a dog fighting ring. Eagle’s coach Andy Reid has said that his opening day starters should play three quarters of tonight’s battle so Vick’s playing time at quarterback may be very limited. That being said you can be sure that Reid has a couple tricks up his sleeve when it comes to using Vick. There are numerous Wildcat formation possibilities, using him as a receiver or running back and maybe even having him return punts and kick offs. Imagine lining up on defence and seeing both Donovan McNabb and Vick in the backfield. How do you cover? Who’s throwing the ball? Even though Vick cannot return to regular season play until week six his presence in the Eagle’s lineup could make his team of the toughest to defend in the entire NFL.

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