Was the Kaberle Deal a good one?

Here is the latest from Happy Howie:
“Speaking of Kaberle, there is blatant evidence at this camp of the Czech-born defenseman having done his own damage to the Blue & White. Leaf supporters – with Burke’s frequent prompting – often allude to the benefits of Kaberle’s “phenomenal” contract, the one that pays him just $4.25 million per season against the salary cap. Conveniently forgotten, naturally, is the no-movement clause in that wonderful pact that enabled Kaberle to keep the NHL’s second-leading goal-scorer last season away from Toronto.
Jeff Carter prances about the Saddledome as a virtual lock to make the Canadian Olympic squad after an eye-popping 46 goals with the Flyers in 2008-09 [only Alexander Ovechkin scored more]. In its season preview magazine – currently on sale – The Hockey News anointed Carter the 14th-best player in the NHL, ahead of such luminaries as Martin Brodeur, Ilya Kovalchuk, Joe Thornton, the Sedin twins, and Pronger. Not a single Toronto player made the magazine’s Top 50 list.
While exercising his contract privilege, you may recall that Kaberle nixed a trade to Philadelphia a year ago February that would have landed the Leafs Carter and a first-round draft choice. Perhaps that should be included in the next discussion about the wonders of his stupendous deal.”

It’s funny how the world is now full of experts on contracts in the era of salary caps. Considering other d who have signed for either more or similar money to Kaberle, if nothing else it appears that both parties got market value. As for the NTC, I am of the belief that you don’t give them out. I know that you have to pay to play, however I think the best way to pay is to build a franchise that players want to play for, and therefore you don’t have to overpay in terms of intangibles.


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