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On Fan 590 Tonight- thanks to Mike S.

– open phones with McCown from 4:05 to 4:40
– co-host from 5:00 to 7:00 is James Deacon
– Brian Cooper in studio at 5:20 talking sports business issues
-Buzz Hargrove at 6:05 talking NHLPA coupe
-Ernie Els at 6:30
-Patrik LaForge at 6:45

On 640 with Brady and Watters:

– Buzz Hargrove of the NHLPA
– Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN on college football
– Dave Feschuk, co-author of a new book on the Leafs
– Eric Adelson, author of a book on Michelle Wie


Mccown is back and not a minute too soon. What a night for sports radio! First we have the whole Coyotes/Balsillie issue, add to that the Maple Leaf letter and we have something “juicy” to talk about. Next, in case you have been living on the moon, Paul Kelly has been fired from his gig at the NHLPA. When it comes to issues like this, no one is better than Mccown to breaking down the issues. Add to that the new book about the Maple Leafs, the Blue Jays spiraling season, the Argos imploding season and there is a ton to talk about. Across the border there appears to be the makings of a mutiny at the University of Michigan where a few players have gone public with alleged NCAA violations. Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yes, indeed I have. It’s the start of the fall ratings season for radio. Why, is this ratings season different than all others? No, we aren’t eating unleavened bread this ratings system, we are living under a new system though and with the shitty economy this is the book that the advertisers are going to go by. This is the superbowl of sports radio starting today. Under the old system, people would fill out a journal (literally, pen and paper) and could only count the one station that they listened to in a given time frame. So if you got into your car and started with 680 news, and stayed there for 10 minutes, but the rest of the hour listened to 590, you would only record 680.

Industry sources tell TSM that on a test of the new system, 640’s the Oakley station made LARGE gains on the Fan and other morning shows. We are also told that both CFRB and 1050 am saw sizable drops in the amount of time listened to category. That makes sense given the new way in which audience is measured. Despite an almost Mccown free summer, on the test, PTS continued its dominance in the drive home hour.

I know that a test in the dead summer is not overly telling or indicative of much. Believe this, the folks at the stations are paying a lot of attention to what is going on. How they perform over the next several weeks will determine many a fates in the next year. CFRB, in case you missed it let some folks go last week as the economic impact continues to be felt in the industry.

So, who, what and where you listen going forward may actually start to matter. That’s a good thing in this market. Summer is apparently over and most of the big boys are back. It’s one of the only reasons that I look forward to summer ending…


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