How US Papers Covered The Paul Kelly Story

So, little TSM is trying his best to “be dry all night”. My man is working his butt off and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Thankfully, I think, a tiny piece of technology has come to the rescue (i hope). We are now using a little alarm that will wake the entire neighborhood at the smallest drop of liquid (sorry LT). In any event, last night was night one with the bedwetting alarm and yours truly is the only one in the house who didn’t get back to sleep after it went off at 4am.

Why am I telling you this? Well, there is nothing on tv at 4am so I got to reading on the internet this am. As I jumped from market to market across the NHL I was intrgiued by the fact that so few papers really covered the Paul Kelly story. Now, I know it’s only September 1, and I know it’s only the NHL, but I was curious to see how each city’s major paper covered what I think we would all agree is a major story in the sport. I can tell you that every paper in the Toronto area had the story at least mentioned on it’s cover. It was a main in story in all the papers I saw online across the 6 markets (thanks to Balsillie I no longer have to count how many teams are in Canada!). Here is a list of the US markets, the papers I searched and what I found in each. Now, I didn’t do a search on the site for Paul Kelly or for the nhlpa, I browsed each site, the homepage, the sports page and then the hockey page. So we are are clear, I am tired so if I missed anything I apologize4 in advance. wish me and little TSM luck tonight!

Anaheim- Orange County Register – nothing
Atlanta- AP story under other NHL headlines
Boston- Boston Globe- nothing
Buffalo- Buffalo News- under nhl extra – wire story
Carolina- News & Observer- wire story under NHL wire stories
Colorado- Denver post- wire story under hockey headlines
Chicago- Chicago Sun Times- nothing
Columbus- dispatch- nothing
Dallas – Dallas Morning News- Mike Heika blog post
Detroit – Detroit News -nothing Detroit Free Press – Nothing
Florida- Sun Sentinel – wire story under NHL wire
La Kings- LA time- nothing
Minnesota Wild- Star tribune- AP Story
New York Islanders/NY Rangers/ NJ Devils- NY Post- nothing; NY Daily News – nothing; – Rich Chere story
Nashville- Today story under nhl headlines
Philadelphia – AP story under nhl headlines
Phoenix- USA today story under NHL headlines
Pittsburgh- Post Gazette- Main story is AP story
St.Louis – stl. today – AP story under hockey headlines
San Jose- mercurynews- AP story under AP hockey stories
Tampa- Sp times- AP story under nhl headlines- tampa tribune Ap story under nhl headlines
Washington- Washington Post- nothing

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