Recap Of Paul Kelly Interview

Paul Kelly spoke to Leafs Lunch this afternoon. Below is a recap of his comments. He really didn’t say that much, substance wise. He had a message he wanted to convey and he repeated it throughout his interview. It’s a good listen that will be replayed on the Watters show this afternoon. Here is my recap:

hope that the PA is in better place when i joined- enormous respect and admiration for the players and staff at the PA – fab group of people to work with. My comments will be confined to certain matters. My efforts were always designed and intended to protect the players. It’s what i woke thinking and what i retired thinking at the end of the day. Also driven by the good of the game, what grows the game etc. Those are things that motivated me. AS i headed into the meetings, those were the things that were on my mind. I am saddened and developed, until you have gone through it you can’t imagine the range of emotions, i leave with enormous affinity for the players in the NHL and i want to do what’s write.

The day i started at NHLPA we came in with new constitution, sometimes when there is change you swing the pendulum too far to make changes.There are an abundance of checks and balances in the system. Didn’t realize some of the challenges of that system when I started. It’s a challenging job to begin with, but given this system (the checks and the balances) who critique every action, every word being challenged, which isn’t bad, but no other players union has these in place, I hope the PA takes a look and addresses so that it can better function.

Not going to talk about internal union matters, what goes on in the locker room stays in the locker room. I am motivated by what’s best for the players. Thankful for having had the opportunity, I am a big boy and I hopefully have some talents to bring to the next phase of my life.

People take shots at public people. I didn’t see the anonymous letter until a few days ago. When you see something written that isn’t factual it’s upsetting, but I have broad shoulders, I wasn’t surprised by it. MY concern was my family and my kids. I can’t control it and I understand it.

No animosity towards anyone at the NHLPA. Everything I did was for the players.

I was fatigued, walking in I was concerned and apprehensive because of what had transpired, walking out I was shocked, disappointed and the range of human emotions people feel. People get terminated all the time, it hurts. I loved my job there. I will come to grips with this over time. I hope I left it better than when I started. I worked with great people and I am a better person for having had the experience.

you can listen to it here

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