Random Toronto Raptors thoughts for 2009-2010

With Bryan Colangelo finally finished for the summer (unless the meaningless Marcus Banks deal eventually gets done), we can finally look towards the season. Still, even with a full roster in place, the kind of team we’ll see in Toronto is anybody’s guess. With that in mind, I asked my friend and fellow-fan Paul a whack of questions about the 2009-2010 season. Feel free to disagree with different answers:

Q: Who is the most important player for the success of the 2009-2010 Raptors?

A: Jose Calderon

Q: Which Raptors’ deal is the best value?

A: Rasho Nesterovic

Q: Which player will be a pleasant surprise in 2009-2010?

A: Antoine Wright

Q: Which player will be the biggest disappointment in 2009-2010?

A: Can I say Patrick O’Bryant? No? *pause* Amir Johnson.

Q: Who will be the top 3 scorers in 2009-2010 (in order)?

A: 1. Chris Bosh 2. Andrea Bargnani 3. Hedo Turkoglu

Q: How many minutes and points per game will Demar DeRozan average?

A: 23 mins, 9.5 points

Q: Who will start and backup the 2-guard spot on opening night? At the end of the season?

A: Opening night: Wright starting, DeRozan backing up… End of season: DeRozan starting, Wright backing up

Q: What will the big man rotation look like off the bench on opening night? At the end of the season?

A: Opening night: Rasho first, followed by Reggie Evans, followed by Johnson… End of season: Same


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