More random thoughts on the Toronto Raptors

It’s another day with no important Raptors news, so it’s time for another round of questions about the upcoming season.

Q: Who will have the first in-game confrontation with another player?

A: Reggie Evans. It just has to be Reggie Evans. And it’s what they need…badly.

Q: Who hits the most 3-pointers per game?

A: Marco Belinelli. I know, it’s an odd selection considering we said yesterday that Antoine Wright and Demar DeRozan would likely play ahead of the Italian. While Belinelli might not necessarily play as many minutes, he seems like a great candidate to fill the Eddie House-type role and put up 3’s in bunches. And I’ll concede he might be a surprise and move up the depth chart with solid performances.

Q: What song will they use for the intro music?

A: I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas is the cheesy option. And we all know the ACC guys are prone to cheesiness.

Maybe Chris Bosh can hook something up – He wants into the music industry, the Raptors want him to stay…hmmmm, let’s just say they should work out a deal.

I don’t really care for most of the arena entertainment during the game, but I think the intro video is an underrated factor in pumping up the crowd.

Q: Which teams will give the Raptors the most trouble in 2008-09?

A: Boston – Garnett is a beast, they’re too quick and deep. Perkins and Rasheed Wallace can cover Bargnani, and the Raps will still struggle to guard Ray Allen and Pierce. Calderon has the potential to be great, but Rondo will give him fits.

Really, any team with a huge frontcourt will be trouble, along with teams that have great scorers… Toronto has yet to prove they can stop those guys.

Q: Will Jarrett Jack play more minutes at point guard or shooting guard in 2009-2010?

A: Point guard – He’ll probably get 16 minutes at point guard each night, with less than 5 minutes behind the deep 2-guard rotation.

Q: What would make this coming season a failure?

A: With a pretty solid roster, anything under .500 seems like a pretty huge failure. Considering the widespread rage directed towards ESPN’s preseason rankings (Raptors 9th), it would suggest the fans also expect nothing less than a playoff appearance.

Bargnani regressing would also make the 2009-2010 season a disappointment. For the Raps to truly become contenders, their former No. 1 pick has to eventually become a star. If Bargnani plays the way he did in the second half last season, that’s huge for Toronto in the long run. His $10-million deal could potentially end up as a nice bargain, despite what many of the critics seem to think.

– DL

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