Burke Taking A Run At Kessel, Again, Kadri’s Religion An Issue Again?

Happy Labour day to all. So LT is still kicking it up north, the man is a vacation MACHINE! Here in city, we have finally had an awesome weekend.

There are 3 good things about summer ending:

1. Fall tv kicks off
2. NHL/NBA/NFL Football
3. Mrs. TSM goes back to work.

DL will be providing us a good look at the National, Football, League in days and weeks to come.

Mrs. TSM is driving everyone nuts as school kicks in tomorrow.

Damien kicked off the day with a juicy rumor that Brian Burke remains intent on landing Boston Bruins free agent Phil Kessel. Burke made a minor deal yesterday to clean up his draft pick house, reacquiring the Maple Leafs 2nd round draft pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for two other picks. Cox, like many others feels that this move is a “shot across the Bruins bow” that Burke is now in a position to sign Kessel to an offer sheet. Man would that be ironic. Cox states that Burke is prepared to over pay for Kessel which is reason enough for caution. What is more troubling is Cox’s theory that Burke is going to forgo the proper building plan and put his foot firmly on the gas pedal to speed things up. The punch line is of course that first round picks and prospects could be thrown overboard in attempt to accelerate the building process. It’s an interesting read for sure, and certainly better than anything we have seen in the sports section Leaf related in weeks if not months. For some reason I am not buying it. I don’t see Burke following in the footsteps of others before him.

Worse yet, another article about Kadri’s religion. I have no problem with anyone’s religion or practices. What they do is what they do. The only reason this is the least bit of an issue is because certain media keep making an issue out of it.

More later

Have a great labour day


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