Maple Leaf Gardens, Berard and Tree TSM Timecapsule

So we are finally at the time when can start to look at the now, as opposed to looking forward. Summer is over. Most of our beloved reporters and media members will be back from vacation, Maple Leafs rookie camp is on, soon the big boys and the Raptors will be working out and of course, the NFL is almost ready to start up again. This week, there is going to be more news on the Coytoes and I would bet on the NHLPA. Follow that with Kessel, Heatly and it should make for an interesting week. Before we look at those items as they unfold, I thought it interesting to look back a little bit to see how far we have come.

It was 10 years ago, a search showed that we were hearing rumblings of the potential sale Of Maple Leaf Gardens. How sad I must say that not much has happened with the old building since the sale articles appeared in September of 1999. Only in this city can we sit on a historic building for so long. Look around at other cities with, dare I say equally if not more historical properties that either get restored or torn down in short order. Here in Toronto a building just sits. For my two cents, it doesn’t matter what is done with it as long as it gets done soon. If it were a movie theater, it would be cool to know you are sitting in the old gardens. If it were condo’s it would be cool to know that they were the old gardens. But for nothing to go on isn’t right. I suspect the city has held this up (way to go Mayor Miller) as there is nothing better for bureaucrats to do. It’s time me move on. Get this right.

Similarly, I read that it was 10 years ago that the Maple Leafs had 2 potential players as hold outs, Dimitri Yuskevich and Bryan Berard. What a difference 10 years make. When was the last time we saw a holdout with the Maple Leafs. Holding out these days will make it pretty difficult to play. If players hold out too long they won’t play at all. Funny in reading the articles back then to read the quotes of one Ken Dryden and of course one Wilbur Watters. My how their careers have changed in 10 years. Interesting also to read quotes from Dryden having to defend the Maple Leafs payroll of about 33-35 million back then. Does anyone miss the Dryden years? Does anyone miss the Watters years? The good thing about the Watters years was we knew the media would get lots of info and scoops. Watters was a great quote then, much as he is now.

Ten years ago I was just married living in Miami. We had a dog, but no kids. 10 years ago the Jays were bad, and well, not much has changed there either. It’s hard to believe how fast time has gone, yet equally so hard to believe how little has changed.

With all that has gone on this summer, it will be fascinating to look back and see where things are 10 years from now. Will the Jays be any better, will Burke’s Leafs have won the cup?? Where will the Coyotes play?

Interesting questions, any predictions where we will be in the year 2019?

By the way, did anyone catch Bob Elliott’s latest column in the Sunday Sun. He had a summary ala Simmons Last Word piece. I have to say it was damn good. Interesting how versatile the Jays writers are. Griffin has written some excellent non-Jays stuff I seem to recall, you all know where I stand on Jeff Blair and now Elliott. Do you think there is a reason for this? I do.



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