Mccown is right

Few on the “media” side have been as critical of Jim Balsillie’s NHL bid than Doug MacLean. Prior to last nights episode the best edition of Prime Time Sports in a long time was the last time Mccown and MacLean went at it. I am on the road so I don’t have access to the files but I seem to recall money bags maclean really taking it to Jim Balsilie.

For Maclean to pull an about face is pretty surprising. He was singing the NHL song for a long time, likely becaue he knew that the only way to cease being an outsider was to kiss Bettman’s ass. Maclean is now in bed with the enemy! He had better hope this pans out becuase He now won’t get any endorsement from the league to any potential opening.

I will say this in MacLean’s defence. Mccown turtles, about 99.9 of the time when a guest comes on his show. He will bash a guy behind his back and then crawl into his shell when the guest joins the discussion.

This was great radio. Let’s hope Maclean is soon done from the fan.

Speaking of the Fan, sourced tell TSM that Nick Kypreos and at least one other on air talent at the Fan have take it on the chin with respect to their latest contracts. Apparently the purse strings are being watches very closely by Rogers big wigs.

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