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Few on the “media” side have been as critical of Jim Balsillie’s NHL bid than Doug MacLean. Prior to last nights episode the best edition of Prime Time Sports in a long time was the last time Mccown and MacLean went at it. I am on the road so I don’t have access to the files but I seem to recall money bags maclean really taking it to Jim Balsilie.

For Maclean to pull an about face is pretty surprising. He was singing the NHL song for a long time, likely becaue he knew that the only way to cease being an outsider was to kiss Bettman’s ass. Maclean is now in bed with the enemy! He had better hope this pans out becuase He now won’t get any endorsement from the league to any potential opening.

I will say this in MacLean’s defence. Mccown turtles, about 99.9 of the time when a guest comes on his show. He will bash a guy behind his back and then crawl into his shell when the guest joins the discussion.

This was great radio. Let’s hope Maclean is soon done from the fan.

Speaking of the Fan, sourced tell TSM that Nick Kypreos and at least one other on air talent at the Fan have take it on the chin with respect to their latest contracts. Apparently the purse strings are being watches very closely by Rogers big wigs.

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September 11, 2009 12:35 am

Lets be clear on something, Doug MacLean was supportive of the NHL until they bid on the team themselves. MacLean at that point stated on his own show he thought it was unethical for them to do that, and since MacLean first made his anti-Balsillie stance, the NHL showed they lied about bidder lining up for the team and they themselves backtracked on hockey working in Phoenix.

For all of McCown’s bickering about Bettman’s big ego, he really showed his own big ego at the end of that interview.

PS: Kypreos isn’t the only one to take it on the chin from Rogers. They’ve been doing company-wide house cleaning all year long.

September 11, 2009 10:35 am

Good radio indeed. I love the (forever vacationing) Bobcat. I think he’s entertaining, as is MacLean in his own right. Though, I must say that I support MacLean on this one. So what? He had a change of heart. That’s no big deal. As he pointed out, Bob does that all the time.
To say that people have lost respect for him is probably a fair assessment, but then that presupposes that people actually give a flying fadoo what the hell the man does anyway.

September 11, 2009 11:38 am

Although Maclean did not agree with JB’s tactics, I did also hear him say on several occasions that he thought it was silly for the NHL not to have him as an owner and that they should work something out. I don’t really see any problem with Maclean switching teams here. I think it was a shrewd move by JB to bring in someone with his pulse on the NHL. I’ve heard McCown waffle a lot too (I remember him picking a big season for the raps last year and then by the end pontificating about how he had always been wary of the Raptors having success last year).

I really enjoyed the exchange between McCown and Maclean, and was sad at the end when McCown wimped out and said he wouldn’t have him on again. He is a great interviewer, but the ego is too annoying. Maclean is an entertaining interview and it is stupid to have him banned from the show.

September 11, 2009 1:40 pm

No one has a bigger ego than Doug Maclean. He’s been a loudmouth taking personal shots at people ever since he got his gig on The Fan. There’s no question McCown has a pretty big ego himself, but in this case, Maclean was just an ass from the minute he got on the radio. I’d be happy to see him cut loose from Sportsnet period.

September 11, 2009 4:06 pm

While I have no problem with ppl changing their minds, what gets me is that MacLean said that Balsillie was doing this the wrong way, that it was the wrong way to get into the NHL club, and the wrong way to get a team and that nobody should be able to contravene league rules and just up and move a team wherever they like.

If MacLean, as he admits, is in this to get an NHL executive job, then wouldn’t he ALSO be sneaking into the NHL the “wrong” way? He’d be going through the same back door Balsillie did (if they succeed)… that’s what gets me, and I think what gets a lot of ppl about this. DID he change his mind? He spent most of the interview attacking Bob and dancing around, he didn’t answer if his opinion on the whole idea of getting into the NHL by having a judge force you into their club via bankruptcy has changed. And I think that’s all Bob wanted to know, like, did you change your mind, or is it okay to do “wrong” and unethical things (in his opinion) as long as he gets to benefit from them?

Also I don’t think Bob turtles, I think Bob just wanted to let him talk. It’s not about him being afraid to get into arguments, but he expressed his opinion before, and now he wants to let MacLean say his side and answer questions. If Bob goes into EVERY interview just attacking ppl off the bat, well… he’d be Bill O’Reilly xD He’s been ripping Balsillie a lot too, but when Balsillie is on, he is civil and asks him questions. It’s an interview, and it’s a job, Bob gets it, MacLean didn’t.

Also I didn’t realize that MacLean had been critical of the NHL entering the bidding process, maybe that just made it seem to him that it didn’t rly matter which group he backed, that they were both crooked in his eyes?

I personally like MacLean (as much as one can like a radio personality she’s never met neways xD) and would like to see him get a job again since he seems desperate, so I hope he does get it this way… but he must think Balsillie has a real chance, cuz if Balsillie loses, MacLean is never getting a job in the NHL again. 🙁

September 11, 2009 4:44 pm

McCown was really only pushing Maclean’s buttons like he would anyone else’s in a similar situation rife with apparent hypocrisy. Maclean obviously thinks it’s cruel and unusual for anyone to talk about him on air when he’s not there to defend himself, an unrealistic expectation in the extreme for a public figure. McCown lost his cool after Maclean’s repeated provocations and rude baiting that crossed the line of professionalism.

September 11, 2009 7:09 pm

Exactly AndoDoug, it’s pretty ridiculous for MacLean and his defenders to think that Bob should only be critical of people when they’re around… that’s like saying newspaper editorials or columns should only be written in the presence of whoever they’re about. >.>

October 1, 2009 3:49 pm

I think you guys are missing the point: McCowan spent 2 hours bashing the guy on the air and brought him on for the last 10 minutes to defend himself. This is classic bobcat. I personally like Doug, I like his on air personality and wish him all the best at the FAN.

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