Brian Burke’s Pursuit Of Kessel Continues

Back in Toronto after a wet weekend in New York. Had a great time but man it was miserable weather wise. So here is what I am hearing this evening on the Kessel front. Burke absolutely wants him. I am told from multiple people that he has presented three different scenarios (I say scenarios because I am not sure an actual offer has been made).

The first you may have seen on the net or twitter tonight, two first round picks and a second for Kessel.
The second is a first round pick plus a top 6 forward on the Maple Leafs who the Bruins are extremely high on and may actually be insisting on in any deal for Kessel, in return the Maple Leafs may actually get a pick back plus Kessel.
The third would involve a mix of prospects and picks in exchange for Kessel.

So there you have it. Personally, I despise the first scenario. I don’t like dealing 1st round draft picks, trading 2 of them has to be for a guaranteed home run. With all due respect to Kessel, he isn’t a guaranteed homerun. I like the second one, as I am not overly in love with any of the Maple Leaf forwards enough to say untouchable. The third scenario makes little sense to me. This is the first time we may actually have any prospects, dealing them now seems way too early. I will be really pissed if Burke deals Stalberg.

Word on the street is that Kessel will be dealt early this week and likely no later than Wednesday. We shall see I guess, but it could get very interesting around here over the next couple of days.

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