NBA remains ahead of NHL

So I am in New York for business and as part of that trip to see the US Open. Unfortunately, it poured all day today so despite the fact that I spent the day on the grounds of the US Open, I didn’t see one single point played. The US open facility is incredible. It’s massive yet very personable. You couldn’t walk two steps without someone being there to ensue that you had what you needed and all with a smile. It was like the Rogrs Cup on steroids.

After being rained out we hit the city in search of something to do. Mrs. TSM wanted to shop so I of course gave in. However with a couple of stops for me, I mean the kids. So after the places she wanted to to, including American Girl store, we hit the NBA store and then the NHL store.

Talk about size not matering, wow what a diference. The NBA store is reallly cool. It’s also huge. They have everything you could ever think of. School supplies, t-shirts, shoes,shorts, cards, plates and utensils. Literally you name I they have it.

Then there is the NHL store. Next to the multi level NBA store the NHL store looks minor league. The offering is a lot like that in your typical NHL arena. Jerseys and t-shirts. Nothing more, for the most part. It’s not that it wasn’t nice, it was. It just was blah after Being in the NBA store. In one you can tell there is great forthought into the target audience. in the other it just looks blah and tired. It’s further evidence of the differnce between the machine that is the NBA and he small town NHL. The NHL has such awesome fans and great potential. It just appears that they are aslep at the watch. It’s too bad. As I have said before, the NHL audience is so tuned in, so tied to technology it’s a shame that can’t capitalize on it.

It appears that the gap between the two is widening and that sad. Here’s hoping that this stops.

this was written on my iPhone, pardon the spelling

I am curious tonight what you would be willing to give up for Phil Keasel via trade? Would you deal a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for him? Why or why not(



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