Does Lance Hornby Know Something We Don’t

No really, Lance keeps calling new Maple Leafs Player Garnet Exelby – GRANT. He did it the other day in the brutal video I posted. Today he actually wrote it:

“Young blue-liner Luke Schenn won’t have to keep donning that ill-fitting policeman’s hat to fight everyone’s battles for them, and forwards such as Mikhail Grabovski can operate in what Burke called “a fear-free environment”, assuming Komisarek, Grant Exelby and Colton Orr have the desired effect.”

Now, I have scoured the internets to find anywhere that Garnet’s nickname, pet name, alias is GRANT, but I am not seeing it. Am I missing something? Does Lance know something we don’t???

Someone please set the record straight here.

This should be an interesting week on the Maple Leafs front. I am more and more certain that Kessel will be trade this week and I am positive that Burke will make every attempt to land him. I really hope that he can convince the Bruins to take the lesser deal, in my opinion, of the forward they so covet, I was told again it is not defenceman, and a draft pick, as opposed to the other 2 options.

I am sure we will hear more tomorrow.




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    Matt Roberts12 years ago

    If Burke gives 2 1st round picks I will officially be off the Burke bandwagon

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    2 first rounders would be brutal…Should we be worried that Kessel is coming off surgery? If we do land him, I hope Leafs fans are patient…I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t delivery the numbers that everyone expects as he wont have an elite playmaking centerr to play with…until Burke lands one.

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    I would e-mail Lance if I was that concerned

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    Ive emailed Lance in the past about the same types of issues. Nothing is done, he still makes bone head mistakes.
    Its embarrassing.