Does Lance Hornby Know Something We Don’t

No really, Lance keeps calling new Maple Leafs Player Garnet Exelby – GRANT. He did it the other day in the brutal video I posted. Today he actually wrote it:

“Young blue-liner Luke Schenn won’t have to keep donning that ill-fitting policeman’s hat to fight everyone’s battles for them, and forwards such as Mikhail Grabovski can operate in what Burke called “a fear-free environment”, assuming Komisarek, Grant Exelby and Colton Orr have the desired effect.”

Now, I have scoured the internets to find anywhere that Garnet’s nickname, pet name, alias is GRANT, but I am not seeing it. Am I missing something? Does Lance know something we don’t???

Someone please set the record straight here.

This should be an interesting week on the Maple Leafs front. I am more and more certain that Kessel will be trade this week and I am positive that Burke will make every attempt to land him. I really hope that he can convince the Bruins to take the lesser deal, in my opinion, of the forward they so covet, I was told again it is not defenceman, and a draft pick, as opposed to the other 2 options.

I am sure we will hear more tomorrow.



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