Toronto Raptors: Where will Jarrett Jack play?

When Bryan Colangelo signed Jarrett Jack to a 4-year deal in July, it was assumed the former Indiana Pacer would split his minutes between point guard and shooting guard. Now, two months later, it’s still a little unclear.

Back in July, the Raptors had Roko Ukic backing up Jose Calderon, with the recently acquired Antoine Wright and rookie Demar DeRozan at the 2-guard spot. Since then, things have changed. Colangelo shipped out Roko for frontcourt help in the form of Amir Johnson, while acquiring Marco Belinelli from Golden State.

Those moves added depth to Toronto’s 2-guard spot, while opening up more minutes behind Calderon.

As it stands now, the 2-guard spot will be filled by DeRozan, Wright and Belinelli.

At point guard, the Raptors have Calderon and a small dose of Qunicy Douby.

So where does that leave Jack? In my opinion, he’s the best backup on the team, and needs to play significant minutes. He’ll probably play 15-18 minutes behind Calderon at the point guard spot, and even more if Jose deals with injuries throughout the season.

But even if Jose stays healthy, Jay Triano needs to find a way to play Jack more. Clearly, this means putting him at shooting guard, where he is somewhat undersized, and will steal minutes from others. Plus, at only 6’3″, even average-sized wings will be able to shoot over him. So what gives? And who loses minutes?

I can envision one scenario in which DeRozan plays fewer minutes than many expect, as he develops slowly while adjusting to the NBA game. As for Wright and Belinelli, they will need to produce, or their minutes will suffer at the hands of Jack.

Really, though, Jack is most valuable at the point guard spot, where he will be one of the best backups in the league. The question is, how much will he play at shooting guard, and at who’s expense?


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