Was anybody watching the CFL on Sunday?

As the NFL season kicked off yesterday (minus Thursday’s official opener), I excitedly watched games and highlights throughout the day. Maybe it’s just me, but it felt like I was finally watching meaningful football for the first time in a long time.

What I really love about football Sundays is the chance to flip between games, watching as much action as I can cram into one day. I’m good watching just about any NFL game – Honestly, I had no rooting interest in the Jets-Texans clash, but I still enjoyed following Mark Sanchez’s first NFL victory.

Then, as I flipped to TSN, I laughed.

“CFL Football – B.C. at Montreal,” said my TV guide.

Yes, I’m Canadian.

Yes, I’ve watched plenty of CFL games. I know the rest of the country, especially out west, really likes the league. There is plenty of talent on the field, and lots of scoring. To be honest, I wish I liked it more.

But with the NFL on simultaneously, there’s no way I’m watching Canadian football.

Should I feel bad about this? Seriously, were any football fans in Toronto watching the CFL yesterday?


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