640 Toronto Going With More Sports?

Word on the street is that 640 Toronto is adding at least 2 new sports oriented shows to their offering. I wonder what 2 times of the day Bill Watters can be on when he isn’t already? Seriously this is a good thing for us listeners in the GTA. First, hopefully it will take guys like Harry Capito off the air. Secondly and more importantly, it should pressure the Fan into providing even more compelling radio than they currently do. I remain amazed that there is enough for them to talk about all the hours and days that they are on, but having someone else doing it more often will help.

Ideas for shows?

Jonas Siegel is the Bachelor
Bill Watters talks Argos, Renegades and Rock Lacrosse- Show to be called My Kids Teams
Useless info starring Bob the Bear Cowan and Lou Schizas

Anyone else? Mike S????

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September 16, 2009 1:38 pm

I’ll be interested in checking it out. However, if it’s two more hours of yet another all hockey show, I won’t be tuning in. Not that I don’t like hockey, but that would be some serious overkill.

Mike S
Mike S
September 16, 2009 3:04 pm

Since TSM asked, here are my suggestions:

“The Kerry Frasier Memorial Show”…………..the day after every game Jim Ralph & Joe Bowen spend two hours analyzing all of the bad calls that the Leafs got from the evil refs the night before

“Tanks A Lot”…………Ralph & Bula Peckingham host a show that explores every aspect of Tank Nation and its constitution…………when Ralph & Bula are away then Mike in Buffalo fills in as a guest host

“What About Bob?”…………….since Bob Boughner is a more-than-frequent guest on 640, it only makes sense to give him his own show on junior hockey

“Phil Factor”…………..a 30 minute show each day with an in-depth look at the newest Leaf (and the best interview in sports) Phil Kessel

“What You Talkin’ About Wilbur?”…………….Bill Watters hosts this daily show with his two best friends in Toronto, Richard Peddie and Larry Tannenbaum

“The Jonas Brothers”…………..Jonas Siegel and Jonas Gustavsson debate the top sports issues of the week

September 16, 2009 6:52 pm

I think they revealed the changes today..

Nothing really big. A couple Leaf shows on Saturday afternoon, and Live from Gretzky’s moves from the Fan to 640.

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