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Greetings from the Windy city. I can tell you there are no signs of a recession here. Every place I walked by tonight was hoping! I mean lined up out the door. Here are a couple of quick hits for you…

Leafs home opener is tomorrow, exhibition I realize. Is this not the free game? In a town where everything is really expensive and we rip the hell out of MLSE, why isn’t more being said about the game being free? I don’t care what a sponsor is paying, people will be able to get in for nothing. That’s a big deal. We shit on them for their bad actions, kudos to the good.

So, when did our beloved media experts become doctors too? I know they are all business experts, lawyers and now they are doctors? Jonas Gustavsson has a heart procedure and all hell breaks loose (not lose). I mean really, let’s go down to Howard Berger for reaction????? This isn’t a knock on Berger, but let’s hear from, oh, I don’t know someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about. Same goes for Ron Wilson. Where is the trainer, the team doctor, hell the guy who did the procedure? It’s bad enough when a sportswriter used to cover complex business issues. Then it was complex legal issues. Now, it’s medical issues. Talk about trying to start a fire… the headlines on the Star’s website you would have thought Jonas had a Monster bypass! The fan had it as their lead story- that ended with he is expected to be away for 48 hours. 48 hours?????? Are you kidding me????? ?No offense, but wake me when their is news.

So birdies are chirping that we are going to see some sizeable differences in the ratings book when they come out soon. Keep in mind they are mostly irrelevant as they were over the summer months, and let’s not review how bad radio was in this town this summer. But, I am told that with younger demo’s the Bill Watters show actually may have gained on PTS. I would say Mccown’s show, if he had been there more than he was away, maintained a solid lead in the more traditional target bracket, but in the younger demo apparently Wilbur (or should we say Hayes) apparently kicked some but. Furthermore, we are told that the Fan morning show maintained its status as well. We should have more info and real numbers later.

True story, people were talking Chicago Blackhawks hockey in the hotel bar tonight. To be fair, the conversation started with cab gate, but in the end there was actual hockey discussion. There are not too many US cities where I think we can say that.

I have no clue whether or not this is factually based, but an unusually high number of people have pegged Donald Fehr for some sort of role with the NHLPA. Now, doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzies. Word around camps by the way is that Matt Stajan was one of the loudest voices on the can Paul Kelly witch hunt. Am I the only person who remembers a time where teams actually frowned on players being active in their union.

Missed Mike Hogan the last couple of days? Word is that he has a back injury. Get well soon Mike, clearly carrying the Argo bandwagon on your shoulders has taken a toll.

Golick, Goldberg and Young…no, not the newest Wall Street law firm, but the 2nd string Monday Night Football crew..WOW is that a huge drop from the first team. Seriously, is that the best they could muster up???? 10 plays in and I was praying for Schult’s moustache.

Raise your hand if you have ever been to curling fantasy camp???? Landry was there, sounded kind of cool…if you are into that kind of thing.

We have a couple of new writers joining TSM. Look for expanded coverage on Raptors, Leafs, Jays, ARGOS and TFC. We will be adding in more NFL, tennis and I am really excited to announce CHL hockey. Yes we will have our very own junior hockey guru (no it isn’t Mike Toth) to break things down for those of us who don’t get out to the game much.

I happen to be in 1, yes one fantasy football league. Truth be told my 12 year old nephew did my drafting for me. His first pick Drew Brees. Not a bad first week.



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