Have Tides Turned In Toronto?

Quick thought of the am. I am writing from the back of a cab on the way to o’hare airport so pardon the typos etc.

Phil keseel may never play as a Maple Leaf. There are really interesting articles this am by Bob Mckenzie and Kevin Paul Duppnt and a blog last night by Damien Cox that suggest the Kessel saga is almost over. It us clear that Brian Burke and Phil Kessel are both interested in moving past the dating stage though. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

What is interesting is that a top free agent wants to come here. But for his restricted status, it’s safe to say he would be here. I ask you rhetorically when was the last time a top notch free agent in any sport did ? Many a scribe, especially the one who’s last name rhymes with merger constantly laments on the fact that Toronto sucks.

So, while Burke may be left at the alter, it may be time that the Leafs are again becoming an attractive destination. That’s cool.

By the way Berger is on the record as being opposed to a deal for Kessel

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