My name’s Paul, and I have a problem…

Luckily, it’s a problem I’m happy to have. Hi everyone, I’m Paul Kasper, and I’m addicted to the NFL. It is without a doubt the greatest professional sports league in the world, and I’m happy to be able to ‘tackle’ it here at Toronto Sports Media. For the remaining 15 weeks and the playoffs, I’ll be covering all things NFL. So for the opening kickoff….

What an interesting start to the season it’s been. We’ve seen the New England Patriots look more human than anyone could have imagined, another rookie quarterback (in Mark Sanchez) take the league by storm, and Chad Ochocinco pay fans to sit in for a touchdown celebration.

But the great part of a 16 game schedule is that with each win or loss, fans and media go crazy. Take the New York Jets as a prime example. With Brett Favre under center last year, they missed the playoffs. Now with Sanchez taking snaps, and a victory over a non-Belichick-esque Patriots team, fans of the J-E-T-S are thinking playoff run already. They’ve played two games, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is a team that started 8-3 last year, only to blow it down the stretch. This week, they host a tough Tennessee team looking for its first win, and then they get a real challenge with a trip to the Superdome in New Orleans. Maybe the Jets come out of this stretch with three or more wins, or maybe their record sits at 2-2. All I know is, I’m not ready to pencil them into the playoffs just yet.


– Detroit has a real shot at beating Washington this weekend to end their 19 game losing streak

– I’d love to see JaMarcus Russell complete 50% of his passes in one game, but it may be asking too much

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September 25, 2009 7:26 pm

It’s been a very exciting start of the season. I don’t think I remember so many quality QB all playing at the same time (with exception of Russell of course), I can’t believe McCown last week said there is a lack of exciting players/QB, is watching the league? There is a lot of interesting teams and stories to follow this year

Mike S
Mike S
September 25, 2009 7:44 pm

McCown often feels the need to slag the product that the NFL provides………..Brunt usually tries to talk some sense into him when McCown does that but it is a lost cause…………I’m sure he would like the NFL better if his buddies owned a team in that league instead of the Argos

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