Wayne Gretzky finished in Phoenix

The Fan 590 is reporting that Wayne Gretzky has stepped down from his position of head coach with the Phoenix Coyotes. Mike Toth and Mike Hogan relayed the story on The Bullpen a few minutes ago.

TSN has also reported that Gretzky is done in Phoenix, where he has been absent from the start of training camp.

More to follow, with TSM’s take.


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Al from Burlington
Al from Burlington
September 24, 2009 12:55 pm

No surprise here and considering he was an under 500 coach, no playoff appearances, not able to draw fans it really does not matter.

However, his salary, as reported in court was paid monthly, instead of most coaches who are paid during the seasons month, so he should have shown up and worked for the money until he decided to quit. Unless he was not being paid.

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