Maple Leafs 2009 bring it on

Exhibition hockey is meaningless. In the grand scheme of things it’s nadda nadda nadda. So no, we shouldn’t plan parade routes. We know what it means.

For the first time in YEARS I am intrigued by the Maple Leafs. Last year. Was interesting because everyone said they would suck. It wast
the first time we weren’t openly lied too. In years past we knew they would suck but were sold crap.

This year, there is genuine intrigue. Not sure why everyones first question is are they a playoff team, season hasn’t started yet. There are legitimate battles for roster spots this year. How great is that?

Guys like Wallin would have been shoe ins to make this team before. Guys like Poni have survived by being the best of bad bunch. There is no more hiding. You can see why an enigma like an Antropov wasshown the door.

There is also genuine interest and belief in some youth. Stalberg looks great. The monster was fun to watch tonight too. Guys like Tlusty who would have been heralded in the past are bein exposed as not ready for primetime.

In all the games mean little. They do offer hopeand that’s been missing for so long.

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