Raptors Rise in ESPN’s Power Rankings

Without doing anything at all, the Toronto Raptors have improved themselves in the eyes of ESPN. On September 1, the “Worldwide Leader” predicted the Eastern Conference’s order of finish, putting Toronto 9th. The reaction from many fans ranged from amusement to anger, mostly because the general consensus was far more optimistic elsewhere.

Now, in the latest edition of ESPN’s power rankings, the Raps are 14th, and 6th in the Eastern Conference. Toronto leapfrogged Washington, Detroit and Miami, and sit one spot behind the Bulls.

It’s not like this is much of a change – The 9th place prediction had Toronto missing the playoffs by one game.

More interesting to me is the reaction these rankings elicit from fans… Why do people care? In this case, the rankings come from one person, Marc Stein, who has an opinion and nothing more. Still, the rankings have generated over 2000 comments in one day – Many angry, many celebratory.

These comments always crack me up, like this one from a Pistons fan:

“Obviously stein doesnt look at full rosters… did he forget to mention the pistons also have rodney stuckey richard hamilton tayshaun prince? and also a man child in dajuan summers? they are one move away “hamilton for a big”.. to compete again.. i think stein must have got beat up or robbed in detroit thats why hes so bitter.. tisk tisk.”

These accusations of bias and stupidity are endless, and pretty funny too.

Raptors fans are especially sensitive about this kind of thing… Again I ask, why?


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