A Rat lurks in the nhlpa

The truth will come out; it always does. The mess that is the Nhlpa still has many more cycles to go. Until the power hungry get what they want there will be blood.

Today we got a very good idea as to what happened in another great article by the Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont:

“Some players, respected veterans and elite players around the league among them, have been enlightened over the last four weeks that Kelly was bumrushed without due cause, and without their knowledge or consent. Kelly had a contentious relationship with NHLPA ombudsman Eric Lindros, leading to L’Enfant Terrible’s resignation from that post earlier this year, which triggered a cabal of Lindros sympathizers to go after Kelly.

That’s the crux of what led to the vote in Chicago, which came after some 10 hours of jawboning among the player reps and the anti-Kelly conspirers who kept them in that room, shaping their opinion and then forcing the vote.

It’s about to get more interesting, and some of the Lindros sympathizers who orchestrated the firing could begin to feel the heat in the coming days and weeks. Following comments by ex-Bruins defenseman Brad Park printed in the Globe last week, calling into question the union’s motives and intelligence in sacking Kelly, there will be an ad hoc players conference call tomorrow open to all members.”

So who do you think is the Rat?

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