Leafs Fans Relax, It’s the Pre-Season

TSM: Hey all- part one in a new thing we are trying here, point/counterpoint. Mark Farmer is up with his point (to which I, TSM) shall offer my counterpoint tomorrow…. and now…the Point:

Hey Everyone! My name is Mark Farmer, and I have been grown up watching the Toronto Maple Leafs for as long as I can remember. I like all of you haved lived through some of the biggest mess ups in Leafs history, John Ferguson JR? Looking in your direction.

But from what I’m hearing from some Leafs fans today, and I hope they are joking, is that the Maple Leafs are on the verge of making the playoffs this season. Come Again?

Granted the Leafs will be much improved from the last few years of futility and competing well enough for a low playoff spot or finishing just outside of the eight best teams in the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

Now all of a sudden because of the addition of a few college kids, only one or two who will be with the team on Opening Night, and some added new toughness with the likes of Mike Komisarek(who may not be able to dress Opening Night) and Garnet(don’t call me Grant) Exelby, and the trade for Phil Kessel(who hasn’t arrived yet) to give them much needed scoring, they are expected to compete for a playoff spot. Sorry I don’t buy it.

They didnt address one major glaring error, Goaltending. Don’t tell me Jonas Gustavsson is the savior, as good as he may be for the Leafs in the future. He still has to learn how to play hockey in the NHL and Europe. He is also still a rookie.

Hockey may be hockey, any way you slice it, but NHL vs Europe is completly different. Don’t believe me…Chicago Blackhawks: 9. HC Davos: 2.

Will the Leafs make the playoffs this year? I don’t think so because the team hasn’t had the chance to gel like other teams have.

And I know this is said by every Leafs fan by Christmas of every year, but Wait ’til Next Year. Then they have a chance.

Editors note- stay tuned for tomorrow’s counterpoint by TSM on why the Maple Leafs WILL make the playoffs.

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