Will Mats Sundin Pull A Brett Favre?

So Mats’ agent couldn’t convince him to come back for another year. I guess JP’s kids aren’t going to get that play structure this year after all. So the end of a brilliant career officially begins. Or does it? Don’t get me wrong, it was a brilliant career. The talking heads will most certainly fill the hours today already asking questions about his Hall of Fame eligibility/selection etc. The question that really should be asked today is do we believe him. I mean, defend the player all you want. How he left Toronto, the whole no trade clause “thing” if nothing else can’t instill an ounce of confidence in the words he chooses to use right? I have written here before that Mats lied. When he said you have to be there from the beginning of training camp and then signed with Vancouver way after, it was a in complete conflict with what he said when he refused to waive his no trade clause(which he had EVERY right to do). Mats lovers around the world claimed that he changed his mind (which he also has every right to do). So at the very least, Mats has the penitence to change his mind, at the worst is a liar.

Either way, it says here that we should bank on at the very least rumblings on his return. You already know what the stories will say. Apparently, the goats in Sweden are telling sources that Mats is disillusioned with retirement, that he has started skating in earnest and is talking to no less than 6 stanley cup contending teams, and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The question isn’t if the rumours will hapen but when. We all know they will appear on at least one website. The question is will he “change his mind” again. I suspect right around the time of the Olympics we will start to hear the drumbeats. You know when visa bills post Christmas start to arrive. That’s likely the time his agent will start calling Mats and saying, are you sure you are retired?? I can probably get us, I mean you a couple million prorated for the rest of the season!

Kudos to Mats on a great career. Hell yes he will enter the hall of fame. I just don’t believe it’s time to call it over just yet. I mean a man can change his mind right?

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