J.P. Ricciardi Fired

If you haven’t seen/read the news yet – Paul Beeston announced today that effective immediately, J.P. Ricciardi “will be leaving” his position as Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations, and General Manager. Interesting choice of words…why not use the “F” word?  Oh, maybe they’re giving him a position in ticket sales?

While this outcome was inevitable in most peoples mind, the recent speculation that JP was the “leak” on the Cito stuff likely made Beeston act sooner than he had planned (perhaps by only a few days)…..dragging this out any further would have made the situation JFJ-like….

Alex Anthopoulos, the Vice President of Baseball Operations and Assistant General Manager, has been named the interim GM.

So, let the spin begin….will the Jays use this as step one in a pursuit to renew interest in baseball in Toronto?  Will they find a name we can get excited about?  Announce a payroll increase?

Apparently a camera was on in Beeston’s office…take a look.


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