Toronto Sports Media Blew It On Blue Jays & Ricciardi

Had it been Brian Burke, or Brian Collangelo the firing of the executive would have been BREAKING NEWS. Instead, the story that J.P. Ricciardi was gonged (finally) was pretty much under the radar. There was a tiny mention of it on the cover of this morning’s Toronto Sun and the other papers and outlets had it equally as buried. There were stories about the firing, but I have to let you know I, for one have been left totally unsatisfied by the reports. I don’t care that they fired him on Saturday am. This is the age of the internet. Again, if the Leafs fired (or hired) Brian Burke, they somehow would have had every writer on it until you were sick of the story. As a fan, the coverage sucked.

I know, it’s not hockey. I know, it’s not as popular as hockey. However, it’s a major freaking sport people. This team has won championships before. This team did draw 50,000 people before. I know interest has waned. I am the one who told you I wouldn’t go to a game for free. I get it all. I am telling you that we as fans deserve better than this story received.

I know it came as no surprise. I know it was the right thing to do. I know all the reason why this could have been treated as a yawner… It shouldn’t have been. We have 3 major league sports teams (4 if you count TFC). When one of them fires their General Manager, it should be BREAKING NEWS. It’s the type of story that gets the professionals in on weekends (even if it is raining). It’s a big news story and it should have been treated as such.

Now writers write, and editors edit, so the question is who is to blame for this? Well, I have to point the finger at the boys upstairs on this one. It’s their job to get guys on all the angles of the story. We didn’t get all the angles on the story as we deserved. Hell, the Sun has made it a habit of having one of their editors write editorials on the Coyotes, on the Maple Leafs and they don’t touch this? How is this acceptable coverage?

I thought for a moment that perhaps it was because the Blue Jays have a reputation of being hard on the press. They apparently put pressure on their rights holders like no one else in town. However, I would have to think that the Rogers folks would want this story everywhere. Hell, ding dong the witch is dead! This is a surprise because for the most part it is the first time we have seen ANY evidence of a pulse from Rogers about the Jays or anyone who may want to follow them. Sure firing J.P was the easy thing. The fact they have at least taken that step is an unbelievable sign. They may actually care. People knock MLSE for not doing everything they can to win, hell, take a look at Rogers. As one scribe properly put it the other day, Rogers is making Interbrew look fantastic. So when the flat lining patient actually shows a small sign of life that is big. When something of this magnitude is done to a team whose home holds 50,000 and had games around 10,000 in attendance, it’s big news.

Hate to say it folks but, we have very good writers in this town. We got the short end on this story.



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