Buzz Hargrove Hacked Paul Kelly’s NHLPA Email???

The news out of the NHLPA just keeps getting more and more pathetic. REALLY. As a friend said to the other day, with the agents these guys have and the money they are making, why the hell do they need a union? The truth is, in fact what the majority of them may need is protection from their union. What a complete and utter joke. Two great interviews tonight on the topic. First Russ Conway was with Bill Watters and Greg Brady on 640 Toronto. Conway is the authoritative expert on the PA and les affairs Eagleson. Conway unloaded on the PA, Eric Lindros, Ron Maclean, Buzz Hargrove and more. Then he dropped a bombshell. Conway said and then repeated quite clearly that he has learned and confirmed over the last couple of days that Buzz Hargrove, the NHLPA obudsman, “hacked” the NHLPA email system to review Paul Kelly’s email!!!!! Seriously, I can’t make this up. Conway is smart enough to know the ramifications for making such a claim if it weren’t true. Seriously folks, answer me when I ask this incredulously, who the hell reads their employees or their employers emails- WHO DOES THIS???? Am I totally naive???? I don’t get it. These guys broomed a guy for doing that and now the OMBUDSMAN does it too??!!!

It’s just so damn pathetic. Every time I hear NHLPA I laugh. Conway didn’t stop there. He confirmed again that Lindros is the driving force behind this mess. He said that in essence it was Lindros who helped pick the teams union reps. He worked to pick the advisory committee, he is the strong force behind the mess that caused Kelly to get fired….all according to Conway. I loved in the interview when he took Ron MacLean to town for his asinine position not once but two times on Saturday night. It got better when Conway said, correctly so that Lindros is in breach of a confidentiality clause by yapping privileged information to Ron MacLean. MacLean named Lindros as the source of his information on HNIC. Conway suggested that the players should go the authorities on both sides of the border to have this whole thing investigated.

Down the dial, on the Fan 590, Lester Munson was on talking to Mccown and Bruce Arthur. The story there is quite the same. A group of NHLers lead by Chris Chelios, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin (to name but a few) are trying to wrestle control back from Lindros, Penny and Pink and co. Munson thinks they will have to settle with Kelly who likely wouldn’t return as they search for an executive director who is a lot like Kelly. Interestingly enough Munson said that the PA has never had the type of leader that MLB or the NFL have had, one who really looked out for the players.

It’s amazing listening to all this stuff as the games are back on. It really seems like their is going to be one big showdown between the two factions. Oh to be a fly on that wall. It all seems kind of sad what Lindros has apparently turned into isn’t it????? We shall see what the fallout of this is. The players spent 6 hours on the phone on Sunday….6 hours!!!! So far they have nothing to show for it. They need to fire everyone at the top, the middle and the bottom and start all over. Kind of like the Blue Jays and Toronto City Council.



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