Maple Leafs Nation- Chicken vs. The Egg

Are you panicking? No, really. Three games in, have the alarm bells started to ring? When the Blue Jays were on their tear early on, where you ready to annoint them playoff bound? When a guy hits a homerun or scores a goal in game one of the season, do you project their season totals???? I mean really.

We Toronto Sports fans take a lot of shit. Some of it is deserved. Most of it is fabricated in attempt to sell papers (who reads em) or radio ads(who listens)… Listening and looking around this town, you would think the Maple Leafs are this years version of the Detroit Lions. Wholly smokes folks, it’s 3 stinking games. It’s three games with how many new faces? Get a grip.

The good news, I think is that most of the hysteria is media generated. No one I know has hit the panic button yet. It is way too early for that. With all due respect, those who call in to Leafs talk aren’t, in my mind anyways representative of Leafs fans. Seriously, do you know anyone who calls in to those shows? That is not to say that people don’t…It’s just that the notion that those who do are speaking for the larger group is bunk. I mean the larger group doesn’t think that the guy from Maple is bang on when he suggested the Jamal Mayers for a first round draft pick.

So, is it the media who creates hysteria and the fans feed off of it, or are fans really panicked as has been suggested. I am not buying that it is the fans. I don’t see it, I don’t hear it and it makes no sense. It makes about as much sense as the Bruce Garrioch Ron Wilson story today.

Look, this is really simple. If the Leafs are any worse than they were last year when the season ends and lottery positions are finalized, Brian Burke is going to have some explaining to do. If the Boston Bruins are on the podium with the Maple Leafs pick things have gone dramatically astray. If this team regresses after the overhaul the lineup has undergone, something is amiss. It’s really that simple. To reach that conclusion after game 3?????????? I am sorry. We aren’t, collectively anyways, that dumb are we???????

I certainly hope not. Saturday could be ugly by the way. If the same Leafs team shows up that did against Ottawa, Pittsburgh may have a field day.

Chins up leafs nation. It’s a long haul, and we’ve only just begun.

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October 8, 2009 7:44 am

I wonder what they are saying in Detroit and Anaheim? Or even Vancouver before they picked up their first win after losing 3. I agree….I’d rather start slow and ramp it up versus what the Jays did this year. Game 10 will be a good first marker.

October 8, 2009 9:23 am

Agreed to both your statements. We need to relax a lot more, but see the problem lies with the fact that we were told, before the season even started, by the big man himself that we are a playoff team. So bang, right away expectations are high, if not the highest in a long time. Then we see a decent game in Montreal but still an OT loss, followed by a washout in Washington, followed by a completely dismal effort in Ottawa. 3 games yes, but watching the last 2 it was like ‘oh shit, not this all over again…’
What’s worse though is we were fed “we’re going to be tougher, meaner, nastier” but honestly we’ve been nothing close to that. In fact I’d say we’ve taken the worse end of the bruising in all 3 games. Shit, were was ANYBODY after the Stalberg hit?? Clean or not, come on, you think Domi would have put up with that, or Tucker even?? Where is the heart we need to see? I know, I know, 3 games, give it time, but Jesus these guys need to show they care about something if not each other at least.
Anyways, my 2 cents. Don’t worry, I’m not panicking yet or falling into the media trap but I just want to see the boys put in a solid effort from start to finish and always back each other up and take care of their own. That’s at least a great place to start.

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