When will the hurting stop?

After the Detroit Lions set the bar with a winless season, one logical question comes up – can it happen again? After four weeks of football there are five winless teams, but are any of them bad enough to keep playing at such a low level that they’d be forever linked to the 2008 Lions? Well, let’s have a look.


Of the five winless teams, they’re easily the best. They’re one year removed from being the best team in the league, but their stout defence from a year ago has apparently decided not to show up this season. Sure they’re missing defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz (now head coach of the Lions), and All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (signed with Washington), but giving up 37 points to Jacksonville? Ouch. However, the Titans are too good to go winless. They play the Bills at home in Week 10, and get another winless team, the St. Louis Rams, at home in Week 14.

Chance to go winless: 1%


Here’s a defence that sits last in the league allowing over 400 yards a game. And Eric Mangini was a defensive coordinator. How this man is allowed to run two teams into the ground in a two year span is beyond me. I’ll give the Browns credit, they gave Cincinnati a scare last week. And they get Buffalo this weekend, as well as Detroit, Kansas City and Oakland later in their schedule. The Dawg Pound should get a win this season, no matter how ugly it is.

Chance to go winless: 25%


Scott Pioli certainly looks like a genius now, doesn’t he? The well respected former Patriots Vice President of Player Personnel has assembled quite the roster in Kansas City. Matt Cassell for $63 million? A 3-4 defensive end (Tyson Jackson) with the third overall pick? Bringing in Todd Haley as head coach, who looked like a genius in Arizona as offensive coordinator because of the weapons he had there, is not looking like a strong move either. The Chiefs almost had the Raiders in Week 2, only to let JaMarcus Russell beat them. JaMarcus Russell beat the Chiefs (let that one sink in for a minute). They’re lucky however, they get to play Buffalo and Cleveland back-to-back at Arrowhead in December. There’s no way they can lose both of those…. can they?

Chance to go winless: 55%


From the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’, to this in just a decade. They currently have the 30th ranked offence, and there’s not too many things to look forward to in the Gateway to the Midwest. When Kyle Boller is taking snaps for your team, maybe it’s time to look at next year’s crop of quarterbacks. However, they have one saving grace that may prevent them from going undefeated – the Detroit Lions. Week 8, at Ford Field, these two juggernauts will go head to head. For the Rams, that may be their only shot at victory this year.

Chance to go winless: 75%


Now this is a team that worries me. After three weeks, they switched quarterbacks. They have a 32 year old head coach who was in charge of their defensive backs last season. What they don’t have, is a lot of talent. Their offense currently sits 27th in the league, and their defence is 31st, allowing just under 400 yards a game. I don’t see any easy wins on their schedule, but they do have the struggling Panthers coming to Raymond James Stadium next weekend.

Chance to go winless: 85%


– if you’re trading a 26 year old former Pro Bowl receiver, and the second listed item coming back to you is a “key special teams player”, how do you still run a franchise? I’d love for Eric Mangini and George Kokinis to justify that one to me. Braylon Edwards was a plague on the Browns, but you’ve got to get back more than that

– most people are saying the game of the week is New England at Denver. I beg to differ. Give me Atlanta at San Fransisco any day. Two up-and-coming teams with fiery, defensive minded coaches – should make for a great game

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