Do Maple Leafs Fans Want Toskala To Fail?

Go Jonas Gustavsson is hurt. Joey McDonald is up and well, Vesa Toskala is The Man again… at least for now. I heard, I believe it was Mike Brophy, say today that he thinks the Maple Leafs fans actually are hoping that Toskala fails. If my ears didn’t deceive me that had to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Why would we want Toskala to fail? Right now, Toskala is the best we got. Gustavsson has never played at this level before. At least with Vesa we have a portion of his career where he played as an NHL starting goalie. Hell, if he played half as well last year as he did the year before the Maple Leafs may have made the playoffs last year. So while I think many of us are intrigued by what Jonas may be able to do, I think we are going to need him to stand on his head if we are going to be anywhere near a playoff team. The only way I see that changing is if either McDonald is the next coming of Johnny Bower or if Brian Burke pulls the rabbit out of the hat. The facts remain, Toskala is going to make 4m this year. This is the last year in his deal. So if Brian Burke can deal Toskala right now, save the 4m and have a competent goalie in McDonald or someone else…then why not try to get something for Toskala… The question is what if anything Burke could get for Toskala? I mean does it matter what Ferguson gave up for him????? Should what we are willing to take back be affected by what 2 GM’s ago paid for him??? I think not. As others have said, Burke didn’t bring McDonald in to play in the minors. He is here to spell Jonas.

It will be interesting to see how Toskala plays against the high flying Penguins on Saturday night. It is not totally incomprehensible that the Leafs could lose both of their next games. I am glad I am going to be away in the event that happens. 0-4 and 1 (which may as well be 0-5) could be enough to really set panic in. I will be in New York on Monday, curious to see where and how the Leafs do there.



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