Things I Heard at the Raptors Game – Preseason Edition

Toronto Raptors fans are great. Lots of passion, a great online community and plenty of optimism for the coming season.

Even better, every trip to the ACC gives me a chance to overhear some pretty funny stuff…

Below are quotes from the first two preseason games in Toronto (vs. Philadelphia and Washington) from fans in my section:

Guy #1: I’m so pumped Alvin Williams is back.

Guy #2: Yeah man, is he coming off the bench?

Guy #1: What? No, he’s a coach.

Guy #2: No, he was shooting around before the game…the dude’s playing.

Guy#1: Oh…sweet!


“Seriously, Bosh is garbage. (standing up and yelling) GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!!”


“I think the Raps are a good team but they have a really bad coach. Why is he playing Patrick O’Bryant?”


Guy #1: Dude, Reggie Evans is such a beast.

Guy #2: No doubt… When you see the Nutgrabber coming, just get out of the way!


“DeRozan will average 20 points-per-game this season. Book it.”


“If I don’t get my pizza I’m going home angry.”


Guy #1: (Pointing to Sonny Weems) Am I just drunk or do I see Joey Graham out there?

Drunk Friend: Naw man, that’s Joey.

Together: Joeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!


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