The Argos will shape the playoff race…

Bart Andrus

…but just not the way they had envisioned. At 3-11, Toronto has pretty much been reduced to the role of spoiler. With the Edmonton Eskimos coming into town tonight, they can directly affect who gets in to the East division playoffs.

Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hamilton are all tied for second place at 6-8, and as the losers of five of their last seven (including three straight), a date with the Argos might be exactly what the doctor ordered. After last weeks devastating loss to BC, and being throttled by Winnipeg two weeks ago, the Eskies need all the positives they can find. So that makes two teams in that situation.

The Argos have been faced with questions regarding their ownership since Wednesday when rumours leaked that David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski were considering selling the team. The players are doing their best to ignore the distraction.

“If you’ve been around football a long time you see stuff like this,” Brown said. “As players, you just have to go play. That’s all you worry about: Playing,” defensive lineman Jonathan Brown told the Canadian Press.

“When [former coach Rich Stubler] left we were 4-6 and since then we’re 3-19. We haven’t been producing and they’re losing money so that’s what any normal human being would do, which is look at all their options,” he added.

If the Argos need any motivation, they could make a statement to former teammate Byron Parker who was traded to Edmonton on September 28th, after arguments with head coach Bart Andrus.

“It’s another business game for us,” said Parker. “This is a must-win game for us.”

He then liked his return to Toronto like beating up your younger brother. The Argos will have to hope facing Parker for the first time will have a better result than when they faced Arland Bruce on Labour Day.

If Edmonton, Winnipeg and Hamilton all win this weekend, Toronto will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They just hope they can delay what appears to be the inevitable.

-Marc Tessier

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