Hedo Turkoglu impressed last night? Yes, according to TSN

It’s only preseason and way too early to judge this year’s Raptors squad. Still, it’s hard to ignore TSN’s ridiculous headline following last night’s game:


Um, really? Were the folks at TSN, or the Canadian Press, watching the same game I was? Were they even watching at all, or just checking the boxscore?

Here’s the opening couple paragraphs:

“Midway through the second quarter Thursday, Raptors newcomer Hedo Turkoglu threaded a beautiful bounce pass through a forest of legs to Andrea Bargnani, who finished with the running jump shot.

Turkoglu made his Air Canada Centre debut in Toronto’s 124-112 loss to the Houston Rockets, finishing with nine points and five assists. The Raptors’ most significant off-season acquisition played just 22 minutes but showed glimpses of the veteran savvy and all-around game that had attracted the Raptors to the Turkish big man in the first place.

Look, there were definitely some good moments – Turkoglu showed his ability to initiate offense and drive to the basket. I’m sure he’ll be a valuable piece on this team, and hopefully continue to mesh with his teammates.

Still, I was less than impressed last night. We’ve heard all about this team’s commitment to defense, and while it was collectively bad against Houston, Turkoglu was especially horrible. I have never, ever seen Shane Battier look so good, and much of that was due to the guy (who was supposed to be) guarding him. It was more of the same for Raptors fans, as we watched a solid player dominate our team.

With regards to Turk, I don’t mean to be harsh. If anything, I’m criticizing TSN. I just don’t see how you can write this kind of lead after watching this particular game. No mention of the atrocious D, no mention of the ugly turnovers, and no mention of the missed layups. If anything, we saw Turk’s potential, but his night was far from impressive. We already know the guy can score – I’ll be impressed when the Raps can stop somebody, and that begins with our starters.

I know it’s easier to write a positive story, but I’d be surprised if many Raps fans were impressed with our free agent signing against the Rockets. Not to say he won’t be good, but he wasn’t last night.


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