Ron Wilson On Bill Watters Show

Ron Wilson was on with Bill Watters and Greg Brady today here is a synopsis:

Darren Dregger emails, texts me all the time and I never answer him. He asks me about EVERYTHING, what I am eating, whether I wear thongs or boxers and I don’t respond to him-
Getting away won’t be the big relief that everyone thinks. Going to Vancouver not so different than Toronto or Montreal, Burke and Nonis were GM’s there so it will still be pretty intense. The rest of the trip will be better for lots of our guys.
Was looking at clothes asked the tailor if they had something nice when he is buried in his coffin in a few weeks. Need to have a sense of humor. Been through this before, when you are in a bad streak you feel like you will never win another game. One night you get a little bit lucky and then you win a game and then four or five in a row and you feel that you will never lose again. You can’t panic. As Brian says everyone is throwing you anchors when you need life jackets. It’s not wise to make moves because the strong will pray on the weak. We just simply have to play better. It’s amazing that everything has fallen apart. Won’t be surprised if we win tomorrow night. If we do everyone will say Joey McDonald should be our starting goaltender. We try to avoid the press because it’s hysterical. We haven’t contemplated taking Luke Schenn out of the lineup. We need to lessen his workload when he is struggling. The guys we signed need to simplify their games until we feel good about themselves. I could have sat down any number of guys, the numbers I know, Matt Stajan hasn’t been on the ice for one goal for. We tried to shock the team a little bit. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Every time we did it last year it worked. We need these guys to know how much we count on them. We could have sat Jason Blake. We as a group decided we had to do something and we really wanted to get Tyler Bozak in a game, so it could have been anyone. Lee Stempniak has been our best player. He didn’t finish very well last year. I don’t know how but he turned his whole life around, at least in terms of how he is playing. He was a bubble guy and he is outperforming every forward we have.

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