Jack Todd Ripps Brian Burke

Wow does Montreal Gazette writer Jack Todd rip a strip off Toronto maple leafs gm Brian Burke:

“Burke’s work in Toronna has been more of a crash landing. After several years during which the Toronto media beat the big Burke drum without mercy and the lobotomized faithful of Leafs Nation actually believed the big galoot could lead them to the promised land, it appears that he has put together a truly awful team. Harold Ballard awful. Comedy skit awful. Big, bad and – well, just plain bad.

It’s doubly weird, because Burke has a higher profile than anyone in NHL world this side of Pierre McGuire and Sidney Crosby – and we’re not sure about Crosby. Already this week, however, Burke was the target of a brilliant hatchet job penned by one Jacques Strapp on pucku.ca. Among other things, the piece suggests that for Burke, tampering is almost a way of life.

The Sedin twins? Mike Komisarek? Phil Kessel? There is “Burkie,” happily meddling away.”

Here’s hoping there’s a retort

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