Even Berger Gets 1 Right, More Shots at Burke & NHLPA Apathy

When filing a lawsuit it is common, for some attorney’s anyways to not only sue everyone but also to sue for everything. The thinking is that if you throw enough crap at the wall something, anything, is bound to stick.

The same has been said about certain rumor sites. If you mention enough players and enough teams, eventually you will get one right. Throw enough crap against the wall, something is bound to stick.

Then there is Stay At Home Berger. The author of his own fair share of bizarre and misguided columns, he has thrown lots of crap at the proverbial wall…eventually something was bound to stick….

“The Leafs, quite simply, haven’t gotten a big, important save from one of their goalies in the first seven games. Well, maybe one… Vesa Toskala made a difficult pad stop in the waning moments of regulation against Montreal, lengthening the season opener to extra time. Otherwise, it’s been an absolute horror show between the pipes for the Maple Leafs, and there isn’t a team at any level of hockey that can overcome disability at that key position.”

Stay At Home is right on in is most recent column (so perhaps hell has frozen over). Teams simply play differently in front of goaltenders they have confidence in. Players, no matter the age, will play differently when they fear that every mistake will end up in their own net. This confidence can be lost and it can be gained. Right now, the Maple Leafs, with pretty good reason have little to no confidence in any of the Leafs goalies. Vesa has clearly lost it. Joey and Jonas haven’t earned it yet.

“Another option would be for Burke to put in a call to old pal Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who has twice appeared for Anaheim this season, but could ultimately find himself rotting on the end of the Ducks’ bench in favor of Jonas Hiller. To accommodate the bulk of Giguere’s $6-million salary – assuming he can work out a deal with Bob Murray, his former assistant – Burke would first have to waive Toskala and, perhaps, underachieving veteran Jason Blake. Both contracts, should they survive the waiver process, could then be transferred to the Marlies of the American Hockey League – paid in full by the Maple Leafs, but no longer a burden to the club’s cap arrangement. After all, such a move – though cold-hearted – was repeatedly threatened by Burke over the summer months.”

Now, I think Stay At Home is right that the problems start in net. I am not sold on Jean-Sebastien Giguere as the savior. It’s not the $6-million salary this year that worries me. It’s the $6-million salary next year that does. I would be more comfortable with a guy who wasn’t going to be such an expensive gamble. LT raised the name Manny Fernndez as a possibility. Somewhere there has to be an experienced goalie who can make that key first save that gives the team a lift. Let’s see if team Burke can find him.

Kevin Paul Dupont seems to agree that without a fill in in net- bad things are ahead for the buds:

“Ugly start for the Leafs, a dead-last 0-5-1 before hosting the red-hot Rangers last night. They desperately need a No. 1 goaltender, and think they might have one in rookie Jonas Gustavsson (sidelined with a groin injury). Without a patch there, it’s a certainty that the Bruins will end up with a top-five pick, if not the No. 1, in the June draft as part of the Phil Kessel swap last month. ”

Speaking of KPD- I love this quote on the mess that is the NHLPA:

“No NHL games on the docket today, a true rarity. Off the ice, though, players have a chance to make a significant impact on the state of their game, and their union, in a players-only conference call that is intended to get to the bottom of the ongoing strife in and around NHL Players Association headquarters in Toronto. A growing chorus of players, displeased with how executive director Paul Kelly was bum-rushed off the job Aug. 31, want a thorough and independent review of how that happened, and in particular want to learn what part, if any, Ian Penny (general counsel and interim executive director), Buzz Hargrove (ombudsman), Ron Pink (adviser), and Eric Lindros (former ombudsman) played. Note to players: The easiest, laziest thing to do now is to shrug shoulders and figure someone else will make the boo-boo go away. Uh-uh, it’s on you. And if you let this opportunity for both review and remedy slip away, don’t complain when you are dumped out of the Zamboni with the rest of the night’s ice shavings.”

So no games on the docket, your union meeting on serious issues, should be a no brainer to get shit done right?

“Yet again, the NHLPA failed to have quorum during Sunday’s conference call, so unless those teams who weren’t able to participate surface, the main objectives of the call will sit idle. Sources say the player representatives voted 19-3 in favor of an official review of the Players Association with NHL veterans Rob Blake, Nicklas Lidstrom, Mark Recchi and Chris Chelios appointed to a committee to spearhead the review.”

That from Darren Dreger. So, it looks like the players have gone the easy,lazy route eh Kevin? I mean, it’s brutal enough that you don’t get all the teams on the call, but to not even get quorum for something as “important” as the call???? Certainly speaks volumes about just how important some players really think this is.

Dregger’s story lead NHL player agnet Allan Walsh to tweet the following:

“How is it that the NHLPA conference call ended less than 2 hours ago and details already leaking out?”

“These PA leaks are coming from agents with their own agendas and has to stop. The players are trying to clean up this mess.”

“These agents will be exposed if they don’t leave the players to fix this…it’s time for everyone to butt out!!”

Hmmmmm. Let’s see, the NHLPA holds a conference call and word is leaked as to what happened??? I mean it’s very suspicious isn’t it????? 🙂 Nothing they do has ever become public before. How did it happen this time????

The obvious question/conclusion to Walsh’s tweet is this…. If agents with agenda’s are behind the leaks, which agenda list agent is behind the group trying to “clean up the mess”? Behind every good player is an agent with an agenda, I’m just saying. If the shitdisturbers have agents with agenda’s it has to follow that the shitcleaners also have agents with agendas.

On the heals of the Montreal Gazette attack on Brian Burke is this shot from Larry Brooks (speaking of agendas):

“How long before Brian Burke blames Kevin Lowe for the mess in Toronto?”



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