When Should Maple Leafs Fan Be “Worried” ?

7 games does not a season make. 7 games may not even be enough for a trend. So Leaf fans, when does it? I mean at what point to your start to worry, or dare I say panic? Clearly the guru’s have told us now is not the right time, so when is the right time?

It seems to me that this week off should be exactly what the doctor ordered. A week of good hard practices where all the things the coaching staff need to work on can be addressed.

If the Leafs don’t show up in their first game back, then I think it’s time to be concerned. If they don’t have the jump, the fight in their game and just plainly get smoked then it would certainly seem to suggest that there is something amiss here with the Leafs.

That is not to suggest that win is a must in the next game. What is necessary is effort from the Leafs. Effort that hasn’t been there in the last several games. Effort that means an attempt to be first to the puck, to win the battles and compete. If that isn’t the case in the next couple of games then I think it is time to be very worried. If those things aren’t present then the coaching staff simply can’t reach this group.




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