Could Brian Burke Be Too Stubborn?

Forge the whole “proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence” thing….Is it possible that our GM may suffer from a case of being to proud, stubborn and pigheaded?

Case #1:

“We shut down Vesa last year so he could get the medical attention he needed and come back fresh,” Burke said. “Obviously, things didn’t go like that. We know Vesa has not been great. But we also believe he is capable of being better. ”

Really? What is this belief in him being “capable” based upon? Is it possible that the adding of a new goalie guru who is of the belief that he can fix everything has led Burke to think that Toskala is “capable”? Would it mean that the guru isn’t a guru if Toskala remains a bust? I mean if Toskala is no better this year than he was last, why did get this goalie guru? We certainly could see certain people asking the question right? Will Burke be proud to admit it’s time to cut bait in net????

Case #2:

“We know Komisarek and Beauchemin aren’t playing up to expectations,” Burke said. “But does anyone really think it’s going to stay that way? We don’t. In fact, if July 1 came all over again, we’d do the exact same things.”

Hate to play devils advocate BUT- what if it only improves marginally? What if neither guy achieves up to expectations?? Then what??? I know, I know, I know, it’s only 7 games – but hey there isn’t anything else going on is there???!! I also know that Burke has provided the answer he has to- BUT- the he would do it all over again the same way does have to raise some eyebrows doesn’t it? Does this suggest a GM who is simply to stubborn to admit he made a mistake????? The good GM is the one who realizes he has made a mistake and moves on.

Case #3:

“Well, if I had known we’d be 0-6, I still would have done that trade,”

That one maybe the one that hurts the most. Again, we know what he has to say. The question is, is Burke too pigheaded to see the follies of his ways? If this move was a mistake (and I am not suggesting it was) can he admit it and undo it at all to the benefit of the team? Kessel hasn’t even played a game yet. The problem isn’t this years first round pick. I mean, Kessel for a first would be a fair deal. Kessel for a lottery pick may even be fair. The problem is next years first too. What if we are a non playoff team next year? What if we are a lottery team next year? Hello big problem. The question is the bravado. Is it a show, or is it genuine? Is he saying that which we know he has to or does he believe it too a fault??

By the way, is it me or is the pressure on Mr. Kessel going to be totally off the chart for him both to come back AND once he does come back???

As I said, I’m just asking questions on a night when I haven’t had Maple Leafs hockey to watch in what feels like eons.



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