Confession Of A Maple Leafs Fan

In case you haven’t noticed I have been a traveling quite a bit for work of late. I have spent some time in Chicago, Detroit/Windsor, New York 2 times, Montreal to name but a few stops. As a result of this travel I am having to live vicariously through the lives of other Toronto Maple Leafs fans. I am reading the papers more and listening to the radio less and not watching much TSN/Sportsnet.

With that background I have a confession to make. Apathy has set in with respect to the Maple Leafs. I know we are just at the beginning but man oh man has it been dull around here. For my part, at least so far I have not seen one compelling story. There still isn’t a guy or guys who I am really rooting for. I am sure I would be feeling a tad bit better if they had a better record to date, but it is what it is. I know the layoff has hurt, but I feel like their was WAY more to write about, talk about and follow in the off season and preseason. This last week has been a TOTAL bore. I am really hoping this doesn’t continue as this type of feeling usually doesn’t set in until the very end when there is absolutely nothing to play for.

This isn’t to suggest that I am down on the team, rather it’s that I am totally bored by them and those who cover them. It’s as if those who follow and cover the team are waiting for something to happen. I mean papers are now covering the lineup in practice for god’s sake.

Oh well- let’s hope this passes soon as otherwise it’s a long way to go before, ummmmm spring????

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