Former Ron Wilson Player Takes Out Ginsus

So the Ron Wilson lovers are all coming out of the woods to take a shot.

Jim Thomson who played for Wilson in Anaheim, left litte to the imagination when he carved Wilson on TSN’s OTR.

“Ron Wilson is not a good coach. Where it breaks down is he can’t motivate players, he doesn’t know what to do with players when there’s controversy and they are losing.”

If you recall one of the knocks on the Wilson in San Jose was his handling of players, especially the young ones. He is notorious for calling players out and has the reputation for throwing his players under the bus.

Thompson was especially critical of Wilson and his handling of Luke Schenn:

“When he calls out Luke Schenn three games into the season, a young player who’s their future, and starts beating the hell out of him … You don’t call a player out in the media, you go behind closed doors,” Thomson said.

I am sure someone will ask Wilson for a comment and you know he won’t be shy with his opinion. The fact that Wilson’s squad lost AGAIN won’t help. From what it sounds like the leafs didn’t get slaughters tonight. If they did one has to think Wilson would be in trouble.

Monday is Anaheim….. On to the next.


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